Andrea's Cooktales

Andrea's Cooktales is an award-winning, heirloom style, keepsake cookbook with journal pages. Andrea tells stories from her many travels and the memories she’s made through food with family and friends, encouraging readers to think of their own stories and write their own recipes in the book.

"I encourage readers to write their own family recipes inside, jot down their favorite food memories and stories, take notes in the "notes" section on each of my recipes, and pass it around to family and friends to also write in - I want this cookbook to be an heirloom for generations to come."
  • Andrea's Cooktales is the first-ever heirloom cookbook journal to be savored, splattered and shared
  • New-Generation Southern recipes are unique, fun, and easy to follow
  • A story is behind every recipe in this book and meant to inspire your own memories and stories
  • Notes sections, cooking/food questions, and designated journal areas to write stories and family recipes to be passed for years to come
  • Learn new recipes to be added to your weekday and holiday rotations
  • Recipes both naughty (for splurging) and nice (for healthy eating)