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September 2, 2016


Shirt and Bikini Bottoms by J.Crew, Sunscreen Oil by Supergoop, Floppy Sun Hat by White Elephant Designs, Sunnies by Prada.

After the Storm Comes Sunny Skies

Trust me…the LAST thing your SuthinGirl aspires to be is a storm chaser!! Right now, hurricane Hermine is blowing through Savannah and she needs to get a move on because this SuthinGirl has plans to spend the Labor Day holiday weekend with family at the beach on Tybee Island!

While my friends and fam wait out the winds and rain, I’m up here in Atlanta packing my bags in anticipation of the weekend’s sunshiny, breezy, cooler-than-average temps. It’s a metaphor for life, no? After the storm comes sunny skies!

Peek Inside SuthinGirl’s Beach Bag: New Goodies for Labor Day Weekend


Has anyone tried Supergoop Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil yet?! As your resident fair-skinned sunscreen connoisseur, I’ve had maje tanning oil envy my whole life. If this goop works, that’s SPF 50 with a major moisturizing effect…so fingers crossed and you KNOW I’ll report back after the weekend!


This hat makes my heart go pitter pat!! I discovered White Elephant Designs Personalized Floppy Sun Hats on their Instagram and fell hard! All the fun of my “Wish You Were Here” sun hat by Eugenia Kim, but at a fraction of the price. Use code BLOWOUT30 for 30% off all hats at! Whatcha gonna get written on yours?


I love to read. Especially in bed at night on vacation. With all my travel this year I’ve constantly been on the hunt for new books, and recently found the perfect love story for a holiday weekend at the beach: The Invitation by Lucy Foley. Here’s the summary that got me hooked…

“An evocative love story set along the Italian Riviera about a group of charismatic stars who all have secrets and pasts they try desperately–and dangerously–to hide.

Rome, 1953: Hal, an itinerant journalist flailing in the post-war darkness, has come to the Eternal City to lose himself and to seek absolution for the thing that haunts him. One evening he finds himself on the steps of a palazzo, walking into a world of privilege and light. Here, on a rooftop above the city, he meets the mysterious Stella. Hal and Stella are from different worlds, but their connection is magnetic. Together, they escape the crowded party and imagine a different life, even if it’s just for a night. Yet Stella vanishes all too quickly, and Hal is certain their paths won’t cross again.

But a year later they are unexpectedly thrown together, after Hal receives an invitation he cannot resist. An Italian Contessa asks him to assist on a trip of a lifetime–acting as a reporter on a tremendous yacht, skimming its way along the Italian coast toward Cannes film festival, the most famous artists and movie stars of the day gathered to promote a new film.

Of all the luminaries aboard–an Italian ingenue, an American star, a reclusive director–only one holds Hal in thrall: Stella. And while each has a past that belies the gilded surface, Stella has the most to hide. As Hal’s obsession with Stella grows, he becomes determined to bring back the girl she once was, the girl who’s been confined to history.

An irresistibly entertaining and atmospheric novel set in some of the world’s most glamorous locales, The Invitation is a sultry love story about the ways in which the secrets of the past stay with us–no matter how much we try to escape them.” • Amazon

Alright, girls. These suitcases aren’t going to pack themselves (and for me the packing and anticipation is part of the fun) so, I’m off! I’ll be posting fashion, food and finer things all weekend from the beach on Instagram so come on over, see what’s new and say hello!

Stay safe and have fun!



Happy Spring, Atlanta!

No, your eyes don’t deceive you…SuthinGirl definitely has a little hop in her step as spring has literally burst into Atlanta! There are soooo many ways to celebrate the start of this glorious season in our city, and I’ve got your hook up for next week’s don’t-miss events.


How fabulous are my red buds?! This is my favorite time of year for them!

Driving underneath canopies of dogwoods, red buds and Japanese tulip trees, surrounded by banks of bright azaleas, invigorated by the fresh growth of boxwoods and the buds of new hydrangeas, I’m as close to heaven as I can get without being near saltwater.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to bump into people you haven’t seen in ages this time of year? Everyone is coming out of winter hibernation and it’s like, oh hey, yeahhh…I remember you!

I won’t lie, I’m enjoying every drop of the abundant hours of sunshine and spending as much time as I can on patios around town drinking rosé with girlfriends in our sunnies and sundresses. When I’m not busy running my car through the car wash to rinse off all that golden pollen, that is. Thank heavens for the Unlimited Car Wash Club at Mister Hotshine Car Wash on Piedmont Road! (15 minutes in and out, suuuper nice folks and they do a phenomenal job!)


Sandpiper has everrrrything. SuthinGirl is loving these softer colors and textures for spring.

Speaking of sundresses, a delightful (and highly successful) afternoon of spring shopping with Judy, Kyle and Mendy at Sandpiper boutique in Vinings inspired me to spend all of yesterday changing over my closet from winter to spring. It took forevs but I ended up with two big bags for Goodwill and ahhhh you should see it now. Bliss!

Sandpiper Logo

4300 Paces Ferry Rd, Suite 240
Atlanta, GA 30339


Better add a multi-vitamin to that smoothie, ladies. We’ve got a busy week of GNOs ahead. Text all your girls and mark your calendars!




imageWoo Skincare + Cosmetics

2339-A Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA  30305

Sugarboo + Co Logo



imageSugarboo & Co.

804 Town Boulevard, Suite 1070
Atlanta, GA 30319



The fabulous Camille Sparkman of Articurate with pop-artist Craig Ford.

Featuring Atlanta Pop-Artist Craig Ford Click Here for TICKETS

imageLove Craig Ford? Me, too! For more info about the artist and his artwork contact Camille Sparkman at ARTICURATE. Or better still, join Camille & SuthinGirl at the show and meet Craig in person!

Face Haven LogoJoin Face Haven on April 1 and “fool” Mother Nature at their Dysport Diva Day!

Face Haven Lobby

My friends over at Face Haven Advanced Aesthetics and Laser Center are offering an incredible spring special! Purchase Dysport for $8/unit (normally $10/unit) and receive special discounts and complimentary facial consultations from Dr. Hon and a Galderma representative for Silk, Sculptra and Lyft. Only 20 spots available. Call now to book!

imageFace Haven

2462 Jett Ferry Rd Suite 310
Dunwoody Georgia 30338

Sounds & Sips for Spring

I hope you’ll enjoy my Early Spring Spotify mix as you toodle around town or sip from your glass of Peeps®-infused vodka. No, seriously! You knew someone was bound to come up with this, right?! Recipe below; you’re welcome. *wink

Happy Spring, y’all!

Peeps®-Infused Vodka

Peep Martini


  • 10 yellow marshmallow chicks (such as Peeps®)
  • 1 (750 milliliter) bottle vodka (SuthinGirl prefers Tito’s)


  • Put marshmallow chicks in a glass jar or bottle and top with vodka. Cover jar. Allow marshmallows to sit until colored coating is dissolved into the vodka and marshmallows are mostly dissolved, 2 days for medium sweetness or 3 days if you prefer sweeter.
  • Strain marshmallow pieces out of vodka. Pour vodka back into the bottle or another airtight container. ENJOY!

To those who celebrate…

Happy Easter Calligraphy


Artwork by Atlanta artist Craig Ford. Don’t miss his show on 3/31 at The Masquerade! Click Here for Tickets



SuthinGirl took fulllll advantage of the spiritual treasures offered during her retreat to the five-star Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona last week!

Surrounded on all sides by majestic vermilion-colored rock formations, we stayed in a beautifully decorated southwestern casita complete with an adobe fireplace nestled inside the sprawling 70-acre property.

The resort is home to world-class Mii Amo Spa, which offers an incredible menu of services, ranging from massage to mysticism. Intrigued? Me, too! And so my journey began…

It was a busy few days, but I managed to get it all done! Ha! I indulged in an Ayurvedic facial and discovered my dosha type (Pitta, natch), a massage with reflexology, an angel reading with renowned angel intuitive and spiritual medium, Gladys Ellen, a Chakra cleansing and Reiki energy massage, a past life regression and–cherry on top–an unbelievable astrology reading with Kamma that is still on my mind even as I write this post.

Sprinkle in a hike to the Kachina Woman energy vortex in Boynton Canyon, a little stargazing (cue the shooting star and howling coyotes!) with the fascinating Trevor from Evening Sky Tours and delicious southwestern fare at Sedona’s acclaimed restaurant, The Hudson, and it’s fair to say I left no stone unturned in my quest for enlightenment!

Here are some of the highlights from my incredible week in the ruggedly beautiful Southwest!




Until we meet again, Sedona…a little sunrise flute music heard from somewhere high up in the hills. (You may need to turn your volume all the way up.)

Hard to believe it girls but back in the day, driving was considered a glamorous pastime! It was as much about style and how you looked as it was about actual transportation. In today’s world, we spend so much time behind the wheel that our cars have pretty much evolved into mobile living rooms!

The mom of three school-aged children, you’ll often spot SuthinGirl toodling around town in her car. I chat with friends, listen to music, nibble on snacks, sometimes read and relax, and often get my best thinking done…all while sitting inside my pretty silver SUV!

I’m forever on the lookout for new ways to elevate my driving experience into something that feels…dare I say…self indulgent! Well ladies, better buckle up ’cause I have got some game changers for you!


We’re gonna give your car a makeover! You deserve it!!

Ready? Okay, first things first. I need you to remove everything from your car. Every single thing. Next, treat yourself to a car wash and detail. Boring, I know! Why don’t you hang out here at and I’ll keep you company while you wait?

All set? Great! Now, you’re ready to fill your shiny, clean car with items that are both beautiful and functional. In true SuthinGirl fashion, I’ve put together a little shopping list just for you!

Crank up my Driving Into Fall Playlist and let’s get started!

Peek Inside: SuthinGirl’s Car

Phone Charger

Travel Umbrella

Travel Cup

Cosmetic Bag:

Lipstick, Lip Balm, Hair Tie/Clip, Brush, Nail File, Hand Lotion, Eye Cream, Pill Box

Antibacterial Wipes

Breath Mints


Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Coin Purse with $5 bill & $1 change

Travel Notebook & Pen

New Magazines or a Book

Reusable Tote Bag

Emergency Flashlight & Phone Charger

First Aid Kit




Go Beyond™ High Speed Universal Two Port iPhone Charger $11.95

Love the pattern on the cord and since it’s not plastic it won’t wear out as quickly living in your hot car.

Eagle Tech 5600MAH Portable Back-up Battery Pack $46.99

Gives your smartphone up to three full charges and can charge two devices simultaneously. Lightweight & compact.

Black umbrellas are so borrrring!

Carry one of these travel sized babies instead!


Burberry Trafalgar Packable Check Umbrella (I have this in rose!) $225 FAVE!

ShedRain WindPro® Auto Open & Close Umbrella (Comes in several bright colors!) $28

J. Crew Pocket Umbrella $26.50

Hydrate! Caffeinate! 

Take along a travel tumbler to sip in style!


S’well Blonde Wood Stainless Steel Water Bottle 9 oz $25; 17 oz $35; 25 oz $45

Many different colors and designs from which to choose. It’s a FEEL GOOD! S’well donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle to UNICEF to help provide clean drinking water to children around the world!

Kate Spade Gold Dots Insulated Tumbler $18

Kate Spade Like a Book Thermal Mug $18

2-1-of-11 4025-Vogue-Cover-Autumn-Fuchsia-1957-Posters06cd89afec3550bdab342d19f84259c6

Essential! Cosmetic Case

Consider it a stylish little clutch that you keep in your car! 

403006_KU24N_8693_001_web_full_new_themelouis-vuitton-cosmetic-pouch-monogram-v-monogram-canvas-travel--M50289_PM2_Front view

Your car is the perfect place for a touch of whimsy!

These will brighten up the small space!

GG Blooms Pouch (Fits inside my larger clutches and holds keeps smaller items in place.) $320

Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch Monogram V $470


Louis Vuitton Epi Cosmetic Pouch (Very sturdy and many colors from which to choose.) $460

Tory Burch Small York Cosmetics Case (Comes in so many pretty colors!) $95


53461 Wild Beast Cosmetics Case519enOOgTaL._AC_UL160_SR160,160__10216634

Coach Wild Beast Print Leather Cosmetic Case $50

Le Sportsac Travel Cosmetic Case $13.45

Deux Lux Anguilla Cosmetics Case $38 ON SALE $22.80


Fossil Small Cosmetic Case $40

Fossil Large Cosmetic Case $55


Peek Inside: SuthinGirl’s Car Cosmetic Case

 _7495468500 (3)

Lipstick Lip Balm

Clinique “Chubby Stick-Intense” Moisturizing Lip Color Balm $17

Great choice for keeping in the car because it won’t melt all over the place like a regular lipstick!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Blister Box, Superfruit $9.99


Hair Tie & Hair Clip

Because you never know when you’re gonna want

to roll down those windows and sing at the top of your lungs!

Emi-Jay Python Hair Ties 3-Pack $6.50

France Luxe Double Tooth Jaw Clip (Love! Comes in several colors and I collect them all!) $36 FAVE!

Tasha Hammered Metal Rose Gold Ponytail Holder (Also in yellow gold & silver.) $10



Get your 100 strokes a day in easily with these travel-sized beauties!

Aerin Lauder Travel Gold Hairbrush (Handcrafted in Italy & made with natural bristles.) $75

Drybar Lil’ Lemon Drop Detangler To Go Brush $10

Mason Pearson Nylon Hairbrush Pocket Size (Great if your hair tangles easily.) $68

500 (4)s1393073-main-hero

Nail File

Why is it that I only notice snags when I’m sitting at a red light? 

Tweezerman Nail File Collection – Nail Buffer $3

Love this little baby with its four different grits. Everything you need all in one!

Sephora Collection – Crystal Nail File (I love that this comes with its own case.) $10


Hand Lotion

Dry skin is so distracting! Keep a small sized lotion handy.

Love the way it scents the car when I apply on the go!

L’Occitane en Provence Back-to-School Hand Lotion Set $36 NOW $28

Laura Mercier Hand Crème – Crème De Pistache $18



Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Replenishing Hand Cream $15

Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream (My usual go-to. Really good moisturizer.) $32 FAVE!


Eye Cream

Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate $37 FAVE!

This is totally my secret weapon! I pat just a little under each eye around mid day to refresh my eyes and girls it really works! Very light and moisturizing, it’s like it reactivates my under-eye concealer. The packaging makes it leak proof and perfect for toting on the go.

$_57 (6) $_57 (3) $_57 (2) $(KGrHqR,!joE8MjRUVnMBPEdnrKYfw--60_57

Pill Box

Check out eBay for a wide selection of pill boxes at all different price points. I love mine and keep Tylenol and other necessary pharmaceuticals *wink* with me wherever I go. You’ll find a bunch of Tiffany & Co. sterling silver options online and Judith Leiber makes the most beautiful Swarovski® crystal and golden toned designs.

This That

500 (2)her070401-base91VEcgncXRL._SX522SX522_SY524_CR,0,0,522,524_PIbundle-8,TopRight,0,0_SX522_SY524_CR,0,0,522,524_SH20_

Kleenex Facial Tissue Wallet Size

Herban Essentials Mixed Towelettes $16 FAVE!

Lemon, lavender and peppermint. Individually wrapped. Naturally antibacterial to cleanse hands. Smells divine!

Breath Savers Spearmint

Ditch that sad looking black eyeglass cleaning cloth

and replace it with one of these works of art!


Hi-Look Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (A ton of different works of art from which to choose!) $5.95 each

I keep a $5 bill (emergency valet money) and $1 in change 

in my change purse in my car.


Fossil Heart Coin Purse $45

This cute heart reminds me of the Gucci and Louis Vuitton coin purses seen below that costs five times as much!


gucci-gg-floral-printed-leather-coin-purse kate-spade-blaze-a-trail-fox-coin-purse

Gucci GG Blooms Coin Purse $275

Kate Spade Blaze a Trail Fox Coin Purse $88


SL6685043_main SL6685043_3

Fossil Sydney Zip Coin Purse (You can choose from a bunch of colors!) $40


Mulberry Coin Pouch $160

You never know when inspiration will strike!

Or when you might want to leave a little love note in someone’s mailbox. 


Smythson Bright Ideas Wafer Notebook (How cute are the expressions on the front?!) $60 each


Mini Succulent Journals Set of 3 $9.95

Kate Spade Take Note Sweet Nothings Notebook $16

ballpoint pen is less likely to dry up or leak!

filofaxbotanicsballpenminieucalyptus (1)028617430904

Filofax Botanics Ballpoint Pen Eucalyptus Turquoise (So many colors & highly rated!) $12.35

LePen (Comes in lots and lots of colors!) $1.95 FAVE!

purse-pen-11717322_872087_ED521422 (1)

Tiffany & Co. Purse Pen $160

Motivation 3-Pen Set $14.95

Catch up on your mags 

01-karlie-kloss-cover-w724 download (13) download (14)beyonce-vogue-magazine-september-2015-cover-and-photos_1ver-1441090800-225x300

or read a chapter of that book you’ve been dying to finish!

 SuthinGirl’s Trust Me, You’ll Love It September Pick:


Why Don’t You?  by Diana Vreeland


“Irresistible and flamboyant, socialite Mrs. T. Reed Vreeland began her now legendary twenty-five-year tenure at Harper’s Bazaar writing a column of audacious advice: extravagant ideas that helped redefine American women and twentieth-century fashion. Her commentary created a fashion frenzy when it began appearing in Harper’s Bazaar in 1936. Her ideas were simultaneously stylish and outrageous, and have as much appeal today as they did decades ago.”

Why don't you...

‘Why Don’t You…

Have an elk-hide trunk for the back of your car?

Hermès of Paris will make this.’

Diana Vreeland


More sophisticated than returning items in a plastic bag!

Perfect for picking up a few things at the grocery store!


Le Sportsac Tote Hailey Joie de Vivre $82

Toms Tote Indigo Tribal Zig Zag Transport $58


Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Shoulder Tote (Sooo many colors!) $125

Dogeared Big Canvas Tote (Several funny expressions from which to choose.) $32


Ted Baker Large Foldaway Printed Tote $85

Vintage Vogue UK July 1950imagesCAT3ZGZN19d9a8ee414bd7d93440bb402d41276a7

Better safe than sorry. SuthinGirl’s Daddy made sure

she always kept a flashlight in her car.


American Red Cross Clipray Hand-Crank Flashlight & USB Charger by Eton $14.99

No batteries required! Hand-crank to power flashlight & USB charger!! This could really save you one day!

Johnson & Johnson Safe Travels® First Aid Kit $6.99


Join us as we explore the big bang Zodiac signs and astronomy are making in fall fashion!
See you next time!


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Just so you know, I was going to title this post “One Lucky Bitch” (when you read the first two sentences you’ll see why) but I’ve promised SuthinGirl’s mama not to use swear words in my blog anymore, so…let’s go with Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit instead!

Piggybacking on my husband’s business travel has afforded me unbelievably privileged and luxurious adventures around the world. During the past year, we’ve enjoyed week-long stays in Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and New York. Neither one of us checks our luggage when we fly thanks to a few instances when a bag took longer to arrive than we did, and forced us to live off whatever we could forage in the hotel gift shop.

Over the years, I’ve had to become quite the savvy packer to manage fitting a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries in my suitcase, while keeping within the airline’s buzzkill size restrictions for carry-on luggage. And I’m pretty sure it’s no shocker, but I refuse to compromise my personal style and comfort whether at home or abroad. End of.

Luckily, I really enjoy the packing challenge that presents! I love the whole process of laying out complete looks on my bed, seeing how I can mix and match things to make multiple outfits, and playing with accessories to transition daytime looks into the evening.

I start getting serious about packing a couple of days out. Armed with our agenda for the trip and the most recent weather forecast for our destination, I jot down a general idea of what I’ll need each day. From there, I head into my closet to pull the key items that tend to travel with me wherever we go. They’re the pieces I build the rest of my outfits upon. (See SuthinGirl Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit below.)

SuthinGirl loves to shop online. Daily. So my favorite part of packing is browsing through my closet and drawers for anything new that I haven’t yet had a chance to wear, and incorporating those pieces into my looks. It’s always a treat to wear something for the first time and I love that wearing a new piece on a trip means it returns home with me, fabulous memories attached.

The entire process usually takes a few hours, but girls, in the end I have packed a week’s worth of both day and evening looks, complete with bags, shoes and accessories as well as toiletries and sleepwear, into my standard size roller bag. I ain’t saying it zips without me sitting on it, but the moment it does I’m so proud that I literally wheel it through my house until I find someone to show!

Are you bouncing in your seat with anticipation yet?? I’ll keep you in suspense no longer! Here are SuthinGirl’s seven essential items guaranteed to streamline packing and make you look and feel chic wherever you may be!

SuthinGirl Travel Must Haves: The Fashion Edit

shoes for blog

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats $99.95

These are the BEST walking shoes you will EVER find! They look like they cost a fortune and come from a luxury brand, but they don’t! They do, however, come in a bunch of chic and classic colors and textures, feel like you’re walking on pillows, and won’t pinch or rub a blister. The leather is baby soft and molds to your foot just as well as the Ferragamo My Joy Flats I also own and love which cost three times as much!! I can’t say enough happy things about these shoes! I buy them over and over (and over) again. I’ll usually go through a pair each trip we take due to the wear and tear of walking for miles on cobbled roads and city streets, but the ones I own for my regular day-to-day last forever. The less than $100 price tag makes them a HUGE value!

ag jeans

AG Skinny Jeans $150

These give a great butt and make you look like you have legs for miles. They have the perfect amount of stretch and hold their shape really well. A classic silhouette that transitions beautifully from daytime sight-seeing to evening chic when you trade out your flats for some killer heels. I always take this darker denim color with me and get a couple of wears out of each pair during a trip. I’ve got them in a lighter denim and white as well, and love those just as much.

regent blazer

FullSizeRender (70)

Making the transition into spring with my white linen J. Crew jacket and AG skinny jeans for a GNO!

J. Crew Regent Blazer $198

Feminine and fitted is the way J. Crew describes this jacket and that’s exactly why I love it! It nips the waist (a real win for short-waisted girls like me!) and is the perfect length. I love the notched collar, too. I’ve got this in navy and charcoal wool and white linen. The wool version packs really well and won’t wrinkle easily. Great to wear on the airplane and will keep you cozy but not hot during a long flight.

hermes scarf

Hermès Scarf $395

The heavy silk, vibrant colors, and gorgeous designs make each one of Hermès’s scarves a work of art! Drape one around your neck for style or warmth (or both), and instantly elevate even the most basic outfit into a super chic stratosphere. I pack simple, inexpensive v-neck t-shirts and scoop neck tanks to wear (often purchased at J. Crew and Target) with my skinny jeans because they lay well underneath my favorite fitted jackets. The addition of a scarf really makes the outfit and gives it style. Scarves fold flat and take up practically no room in your suitcase so you get a lot of fashion punch for very little of the precious space in your bag.


Longchamp Roseau Tote (UPDATE: SOLD OUT – SIMILAR MODEL $450)

No better handbag for travel! Fits all the usual suspects plus an iPad, a couple of magazines, a bottle of water, snacks and more. The leather doesn’t scratch easily but develops a nice patina across time. It has an interior pocket that keeps your passport and boarding pass handy. Of course you know SuthinGirl loves the leopard print lining!

gucci clutch

Gucci Soho Leather Clutch $850

tory burch clutch 2

Tory Burch Kira Colorblock Clutch $395

dvf clutch evening

DVF Textured Leather Evening Clutch $248

Clutches are my preference for life in general and when you’re sightseeing and toodling around museums (and don’t want to look like the tourist you are!) I find that tucking a chic clutch under your arm looks a lot better than lugging a giant bag full of things you don’t really need around with you all day. Clutches pack small and can be rotated for day and evening to change the tone of an outfit.

louboutin heels

Christian Louboutin Pumps $825

What can I say, ladies? You either get this one or you don’t. I know, $825 for a pair of shoes is CRAZY…but my God, look at these! They are leopard (which SuthinGirl love loves!), have that iconic signature red sole, and are the perrrrfect 4″ heel for the I-look-sexy-but-can-still-walk-a-few-blocks experience.


Now you’re all set to pack up for your next adventure! Happy Travels! Send me a postcard, you gorgeous thing! xx
FullSizeRender (62)

A fun little howdy-do from the airport bathroom in Phoenix! Haha! Skinny jeans, check! Longchamp tote, check! My Joy flats, check! Hartmann roller bag (best evah), check! Rockin’ the savvy traveler look head to toe!


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