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I get so excited when I come across a good Q&A interview, don’t you? They feel off-the-cuff and spontaneous, like you’re having a real convo with someone. You know my love for SCAD and everything Savannah – I am a proud hometown girl after all – so imagine my thrill at being asked to interview one of SCAD’s most celebrated graduates, Chuck Chewning! I don’t even think I tried to play it cool.

Chuck is a leader on the world stage of interior design and architectural preservation (and a dashing redhead), and will be speaking at the upcoming Cathedral Antiques Show in Atlanta which runs from February 5 – 12. He is based in Savannah, where he owns Charles H. Chewning Interiors.

Meet Chuck Chewning…

  • Three decades of experience in the luxury interior design, decorative arts and architectural preservation industries.
  • In 2013, he completed the award-winning restoration of the Gritti Palace in Venice.
  • Design director of Studio Rubelli, the interior design division of The Rubelli Group in Milan, since 2014. His work for Rubelli has included projects around the world, among them villas and palazzi throughout Europe.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Historic Preservation of Architecture and in Interior Design from SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design.
  • In 2008, he became the first recipient of the SCAD Distinguished Alumnus Award. An honorary scholarship was set up in his name in 2010, inviting notable industry leaders to teach the history of 20th century interior design at SCAD.

Seven Questions with SuthinGirl

Historical restoration intrigues me because… I am a lover of all history and I believe restorations not only restore the physical property but its place in culture and society which tells our story.

Favorite modern convenience not found in historical homes? Insulated windows and doors

Favorite historical element not found in modern homes? Imperfections – a sign of hand craftsmanship

Least favorite current design trend? Design by Pinterest

Mistake people commonly make in interior design? Scale

Favorite colors at the moment? Persimmon, apricots and orange corals

Favorite room in a house? A library

Did you reeeeeally think your SuthinGirl could keep it to just seven questions? You know me better than that! *wink

Favorite cocktail? Negroni with gin – I lived in Milan for 3 years and was introduced to them there. Now they have become popular in the states. New Orleans has something similar called the Sazarac.

Best place to shop on a budget? Zara Home

Favorite place to shop if money were no limit? Ralph Pucci

Most sentimental treasure you’ve collected across the years? Artwork from my dear late friend Donald Locke

Go-to hostess gift? Chocolat by Adam Turoni chocolates in Savannah – he was just named one of the top ten chocolatiers in the United States.

If I weren’t a designer, I’d be… a meteorologist. I am fascinated by weather – I love a good storm!

What I love most about Savannah Its historic pedestrian urban planning of 22 squares surrounded by gorgeous townhomes

Best thing I learned at SCAD How to excel with passion

Chuck Chewning will be speaking in Atlanta at the Cathedral Antiques Show on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 10:30 a.m.


The Cathedral Antiques Show is a festival of art, antiques and floral and interior design held annually in Atlanta to benefit a designated charity.  The Show is a major outreach project sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women of the Cathedral of St. Philip.

The Antiques Show has raised more than $5 million for Atlanta-area nonprofits since its inception in 1969.



Engaging Experience with Antiques • Talks & Signings • Fabulous Flower Festival • Tour of Homes • Gallery of Contemporary Art • Gardening Boutique • Young Collectors’ Booth


Architectural Digest AD100 designer Alexa Hampton

Restorer of Venice’s Gritti Palace and design director of Studio Rubelli Chuck Chewning

Former White House floral designer Laura Dowling

Flower magazine editor-in-chief Margot Shaw


The Cathedral receives no funding from the Show: all of each year’s net proceeds are given to the beneficiary organization. The 2017 Cathedral Antiques Show beneficiary is First Step Staffing.



One Plus Two Equals Success

Take one amazing idea. Add two best friends. You’ve got yourself a recipe for SUCCESS!

There are soooooo many famous examples to back me up. Ben & Jerry’s, the fashion house Marchesa, Instagram…each of these household names began as a friendship that rocketed into the stratosphere of success.

In my experience, friendship-based business partnerships carry a tremendous amount of upside. Working with the person you admire and enjoy most in the world while pursuing your shared business passion? Yes, please!


I love meeting besties turned business partners and listening to their stories. A few weeks ago I connected with  Jennifer Moore and Cyndi Tommasi, friends since college and founders of YoToGo™, makers of genius little Greek yogurt carriers.


Cyndi and Jennifer, founders of YoToGo

A couple of years back during a girls’ trip, Jennifer shared her idea for insulated Greek yogurt carriers with her friends. Like many busy moms on the go, she gets low blood sugar and likes to keep healthy snacks handy to get her between meals. (Hangry don’t look good on anyone!)

The question was, how to keep the yogurt cold while carrying it around during the day. And like so many other inventions born out of necessity, YoToGo was created!

y$_57 (13)

YoToGo™ Greek Yogurt Carriers Come in Three Colors and are $9.99 each.

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Cyndi listened to Jennifer’s idea and couldn’t believe her ears. Just two weeks before heading off on the girls’ vacay, she had searched stores and online for exactly that for her kids’ lunches, and had come up empty handed.

Cyndi is quick to credit Jennifer with the conception and design of the YoToGo product. In turn, Jennifer is adamant that YoToGo wouldn’t be where it is today without Cyndi’s business sense and belief in the product.

Anyone can tell these two longtime friends really love and respect one another, and have so much fun working together. If you ask me, that’s what it’s all about!


We love our sponsors! Guests at Two Girls from Savannah’s recent SAVOR bar & kitchen event were treated to YoToGo Greek yogurt carriers inside their goody bags!

Listen to the Experts: Go Greek!

Greek Yogurt was named one of Health magazine’s Top 10 Superfoods for Women.

“It’s rich in calcium and good for our bones,” dietitian Kate Geagan says. In fact, one serving supplies nearly one-fourth of a woman’s daily calcium needs, and the fat-free variety is packed with twice as much protein as regular yogurt.

How much you need: Have at least three servings of dairy a day; fat-free Greek yogurt is a good choice. “It’s a healthy swap for artery-clogging sour cream,” Geagan says.

Health Magazine

Two Girls from Savannah

I love love love working with my best friend, Camille. She is one of the most creative, positive, stylish, beautiful, honest, fun women I have ever known. We go together like shrimp and grits. Our combined energy is magic!

Camille is the founder of CSparkman, and art is her jam. We go wayyyy back, both having grown up in Savannah before landing Atlanta. Our collaboration, Two Girls from Savannah, has always felt so natural; a celebration of our creative chemistry.

While we’re passionate about building our own companies, there’s nothing like the thrill we get working together to produce and host client events and fundraisers throughout the South.


Deep South Details

One more BFF duo I must give a shout out to…Kendell Shows and Dana McCain over at Deep South Details! Listening to their weekly podcast about ‘What’s Up Down South’ is the reason I agree to drive my kids anywhere!

Kendell and Dana from Deep South Details

Deep South Details Logo

SuthinGirl’s Secrets to Working with a Friend…

Trust each other completely.Don't over promise to one another.Ask for help when you need it.Communicate often.Laugh!Admit mistakes.Be generous with praise and thanks.Play to your individual strengths. (3).png


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